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Largemouth Bass

The fishing for Largemouth Bass in the Coeur d’Alene Lake system is often overlooked. We have a fantastic fishery with good quality largemouth.

The spawning time in North Idaho is generally in mid to late May. This puts pre-spawn fish in a catchable mood from about mid April onward. Early season lures are crankbaits and jigs with pork.. After the fish spawn, we will generally move to plastic baits and spinnerbaits. Tube style baits and handpoured worms are 2 of the top producers.

Look for bays that have a combination of cover types when hunting Largemouth. Good weedlines, docks or downed timber, and access to somewhat deeper water are the benchmarks of a good Largemouth bay.

As the summer progresses, we get a good topwater bite going. The months of July and August will have fish hitting Zara Spooks and other topwater baits in mornings and the evenings.

The Fall will bring a resurgence in Bass fishing. The fish are moving back into shallow water to feed and will be aggresive throughout much of September and October.

These are the general patterns that the fish follow, but they often surprise us. If you would like some up to the minute fishing information, check out the Fins Fishing Report.

Jordan Noble caught this tournament winning 7.5lb Largemouth Bass up in one of the chain lakes.

Quick Facts on Largemouth Bass

Lake Record= 10lbs-15oz
Average size= 2-3 lbs.
Average Catch= 4-10 fish
Common Lures= Spinnerbaits, Plastics, Crankbaits