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Northern Pike

If you have never fished for Northern Pike, you are in for a treat. These fish are the top line warm water predator in our system. These ferocious fighters can really light up a rod and reel. Coeur d’Alene Lake is world renown for its ability to grow BIG Northern Pike. Several fish each year top 30 pounds. The main reason that Coeur d’Alene can produce big fish is the diversity in habitat and food base for these fish.   Believe me when I say that our guides know just about every weed patch on Coeur d’Alene lake.

Winter (Late December thru February) brings a time to ice fish for Northern Pike. In Idaho, we are allowed 5 lines through the ice, so we can set up a nice spread of tip-ups. Bait is either a big herring or a smelt.

Spring (March thru early April) finds the fish in a pre-spawn mode. Bait under a bobber is the most effective way to catch these fish. While not always fast fishing, it has produced the last 5 state records.

The Pike spawn in mid April and after that, they will actively chase lures. The majority of the summer they will relate to weed growth. We tend to follow the fresh weed growth deeper as the season progresses. We cast lures across the top and along the edges of these weed beds that the Pike are hiding in.

Late Summer and Fall (Mid-August thru mid-November) will see some of the most consistant action of the year. This will find the lake cooling and some very aggressive Pike.

These are the general patterns that the fish follow, but they often surprise us. If you would like some up to the minute fishing information, check out the Fins Fishing Report.

Jeff Smith helping hold this youngsters first Northern Pike. This was one of many caught that beautiful summer day.

A beautiful 32Lb fish from Fernan lake caught during the spring!

Quick Facts on Northern Pike

Common Lures Used= Husky Jerk Rapalas,
Daredevle spoons, SpinnerBaits.
Top Spots= Cougar Bay, Wolf Lodge Bay,
Harrison Bay
Lake Record= 38lbs-9oz
Average Size= 3 to 7 lbs.
Average Catch= 6 fish per trip